A B O U T   M E

      Early as a child ASHA’s mother and father insisted she play a musical instrument to balance her scholastic and athletic gifts. ASHA began playing the violin and viola in third grade. As for singing, she did her best to keep it in the shower, feeling like she had yet to put in the practice needed to call herself a singer. After graduating from High School ASHA became a collegiate athlete. ASHA was an accomplished soccer player who accepted a GSU athletic scholarship to pursue a biology degree. She planned on being an anesthesiologist. 

      However, little did she know things would shift career wise and send her into a creative world wind! Somewhere in the mix she ended up on a random outing to a recording studio, where someone said, ‘Your voice is so dope. You should work on it.’ ASHA took a year off to work on her sound and hasn’t left the studio since. There are many dope artists but, ASHA is one of the golden talents who not only boast a strong voice and non duplicated style, but also vocally produces herself. ASHA writes, records, and arranges her own music. She can conduct a full studio session with only her in the room. Some of her musical influences are Toni Braxton, Sade, Kelis, and Missy Elliot. ASHA is now working to release 'NEW MUSIC' and visuals.


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